Thursday, 4 September 2008

160. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - "Prussian" String Quartets (1789-90)


Title: 3 "Preussische" Quartette
Performers: Petersen Quartet
Year: 1991
Length: 1 hour 10 minutes


These three quartets are kind of a mixed bag for Mozart, one is amazingly good, another one is just good and another one is kind of unimpressive. Let's have the bad news first. The first concerto is nothing special, K. 575 doesn't really impress.

The second concerto K. 589 is quite good but it didn't really blow me away, the dance movement is very nice indeed. Now the big highlights here is the third concerto, K. 590. This is the really good one, and Mozart definitely saved the best for last.

K. 590 is a little gem, the Andante is particularly beautiful and the Menuetto is ahead of its time. The whole thing is worth the price of admission for this concerto only, but the other ones are also welcome. However, of the three only one is truly impressive, bringing this record down.

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Mozart's last three quartets, dedicated to the King of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm II, are noted for the cantabile character of the parts for cello (the instrument played by the king himself), the sweetness of sounds and the equilibrium among the different instruments.

No video for any of these... well there is a video for the first movement of K.575, but it is pretty terrible, not all kids are good at playing classical music.

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