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295. Robert Schumann - Liederkreis op. 24 (1840)


Title: Liederkreis, Op.24, Dichterliebe op. 48 & 7 Lieder
Performer: Ian Bostridge. Julius Drake
Year: 1997
Length: 22 minutes


More Schumann Lieder in what was clearly an immensely productive year for him. A phase where his love for Clara Wieck was expressed through these songs which reflect the fact that she had just become Clara Schumann.

This is another lovely collection of pieces, alternating quite short 1 minute pieces with longer ones rounding the 4 minute mark. Ian Bostridge is again an uncommon voice for lieder which are usually associated with the Baritone voice. Bostridge's very clean and young sounding tenor actually enhances the romantic feel of the pieces.

We are not done with Schumann Lieder yet, the next album is again more of the same. Fortunately the three recordings we have had until now are sufficiently different to always be interesting.

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From Wikipedia:

This song cycle was one of the earlier products of Schumann’s Liederjahr (Year of Song), referring to his nearly exclusive devotion to song composition from 1840-1841, immediately after his marriage to Clara Wieck. A letter from Schumann to his wife likely places the date of composition in February.

Werner Gura sings Schone Wiege meine Leiden:

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