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133. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto no. 9, "Jeunehomme" (1777)


Title: Piano Concertos no.9 "Jeunehomme" & 17
Performers: Andreas Staier,Concerto Koln
Director: Andreas Staier
Year: 1995
Length: 30 minutes


This is the first great piano concerto by Mozart, don't worry there are many to come still. It allies Mozart's brilliance at the piano as seen in his sonatas and his utter command of the orchestra.

The whole format of the piano concerto, which would become so famous particularly with Beethoven, is kind of an invention of Mozart, and one of the best combinations in music.

This concerto is particularly beautiful, the Adagio is sublime and the last movement is alternately galloping and delicate with a very unexpected minuet stuck right in the middle of it. The first great and one of the greatest piano concertos by the daddy of the whole form.

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From Wikipedia:

The work has long been known as the "Jeunehomme" Concerto. It was said that Mozart wrote the piece for a French pianist "Jeunehomme" when she visited Salzburg. But scholars couldn't identify the woman for whom he actually wrote it. Recently, the musicologist Michael Lorenz has argued that the woman was actually Victoire Jenamy (1749-1812), a daughter of Jean-Georges Noverre, a famous dancer who was one of Mozart's best friends.

The Adagio with Mitsuko Uchida:

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