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184. Ludwig van Beethoven - Violin Sonata in F Major, op.24, "Spring" (1800)


Title: The European Busch-Serkin Duo Recordings Volume 1
Performers: Adolf Busch (violin), Rudolf Serkin (piano)
Year: 1933
Length: 20 minutes


This is probably Beethoven's second most famous violin sonata, right after the Kreutzer sonata, and it is also the last composition in this list to be nominally a part of the Classical age. From here on out we will be in the Romantic age.

Although this sonata is clearly in the classical style, it is still an impressive piece, not only because of how positively catchy all the movements are, but also because of the perfect interplay of the instruments.

This great interplay of instruments is particularly apparent in this recording, that even if it is pretty old shows an almost telepathic communication between Busch and Serkin, brought about by a long collaboration between the two. So highly recommended, the sound might not be the best quality but it is perfectly acceptable.

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From Wikipedia:

Its dedicatee was Count Moritz von Fries, a patron to whom the fourth violin sonata, the string quintet of the same year, and the seventh symphony were also dedicated.

Anne Sophie von Mutter doing the Spring, part 1:

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