Monday, 22 December 2008

217. Franz Schubert - Symphony no. 5 (1816)


Title: Symphonien nos. 5 & 9
Performers: Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Director: Eugen Jochum
Year: 1957
Length: 40 minutes


This is the first Schubert symphony on the list and it is also a lovely one. Schubert by putting aside all instruments which make harsh sounds, from timpani to brass makes a whole work of delightful lightness.

It is easy to see Schubert as a continuation of Beethoven when it comes to symphonic music, but his bucolic strain is much stronger than that in Beethoven. This symphony is a complete delight particularly the two first movements.

The famous first movement is playful and catchy and the second is a long movement of immense melodic beauty. Slow and romantic without being maudlin, it invokes a sense of bucolic peace. And Schubert was only 19!

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From Wikipedia:

Scored for a pair of each woodwind instrument, except clarinet, along with two horns in B♭ and E♭ and strings, the instrumentation is light as clarinets, trumpets and timpani are not called for. The first movement is a slightly unusual sonata form since the recapitulation begins, as in the first movement of Mozart’s sonata facile, in the subdominant, not in the main key of the piece as is more usual.

First Movement:

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