Wednesday, 31 December 2008

219. Franz Schubert - Violin Sonata in A major (1817)


Title: The Intimate Schubert
Performers: Josef Suk, Jan Panenka
Year: 1962
Length: 18 minutes


Schubert is a master of the chamber work, this will be particularly obvious later in his unfortunately short career. Still you can see the beginning of his amazing chamber compositions here.

This is a light and delightful Violin sonata, playful and unpretentious. In this way it reminds me of his fifth Symphony. This is Happy Schubert, before Syphilitic Schubert which is just before Moribund Schubert. Of the three stages he was feeling chirpier at the Happy stage.

Schubert innovates here as well, however, the Scherzo comes right after the first movement and before the Andantino! Shock! Well, it may seem a small thing but it alters the sound structure of the whole piece, and any thing going against convention is interesting.

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From Wikipedia:

In the last year of his life he began to receive wider acclaim. He died at the age of 31, apparently of complications from syphilis. Bummer.

First Movement:


Luc said...

Where do you find your classical music?

Francisco Silva said...

Luc: Sometimes, as in this case, I have to buy it.

Luc said...

Christ. Well, I buy a LOT of music, but I really can't afford it to buy classic music as well. I think I spend at least 25 euro on music every week, I think I could call that pretty sufficient.