Tuesday, 14 July 2009

281. Felix Mendelssohn - String Quartets, op. 44 (1837-38)


Title: The Complete String Quartets
Performer: Pacifica Quartet
Year: 2004
Length: 54 minutes


Yes, this same recording has been on the list before with a different set of String Quartets by Mendelssohn. I do like Mendelssohn but this collection was really not the best stuff by him.

It feels a bit too backward looking, particularly taking into account the innovative things being done in the piano... in fact it often looks back beyond Beethoven's innovation in this genre.

Nonetheless, it is some pretty nice music to listen to. The whole thing is pervaded by Mendelssohn's trademark sunny disposition, sometimes to a fault. Some lovely stuff here but not much new.

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From Wikipedia:

Mendelssohn's first two numbered quartets were published out of order, whilst his next three quartets were published together as Op. 44 and were all dedicated to Crown Prince Gustavus of Sweden.

Op. 44 no.3:

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