Thursday, 16 July 2009

282. Robert Schumann - Davidsbündlertänze (1837)


Title: Davidsbündlertänze, Waldszenen, Fantasiestucke
Performer: Andreas Haelfliger
Year: 1991
Length: 34 minutes


Another sequence of short piano pieces by Robert Schumann. Again this is not my favourite kind of piano piece, I much prefer a more extended genre like the sonata or the concerto.

The problem with this is that Schumann seems to have some good ideas which don't really have time to develop. So it often seems like a missed opportunity. As little songs without words or dances they are quite good.

So another album by Schumann which I did not particularly like but in the end quite enjoyed. Still hoping for better stuff, actually I think this format will be quite good when it comes to the really big sequence of lieder that we will have here.

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Schumann named them after the imaginary Davidsbündler. The pieces are not true dances, but are characteristic pieces, musical dialogues about contemporary music between Schumann's characters Florestan and Eusebius. These respectively represent the impetuous and the lyrical, poetic sides of Schumann's nature. Each piece is ascribed to one or both of them.

First six:

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