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13. Antonio de Cabezon - Diferencias (c. 1560's)


Title: Tientos y Glosados
Performer: Ensemble Accentus
Director: Thomas Wimmer
Year: 2001
Length: 12 minutes


It is a pity that this recording is so short, because this is some sublime music. This recording consists of four Diferencias by Cabezon, Diferencias are basically the equivalent of Variations. There is a main theme which is then embelished or otherwise improved by the composer.

The themes are all of quite well known songs by the time the composer made the variations on them. The third diferencia is particularly well known being based on the song, Belle qui tiens ma vie/Captive dans tes yeux. That one is particularly beautiful but the other ones are not far behind.

Thankfully this is a fully instrumental recording of chamber music, and a good break from all the vocals lately on the list. This freshness might have something to do with how much I loved this album, but it isn't the only reason these are some genuinely beautiful tracks. Highly Recommended.

Track Highlights

1. Diferencias sobre el canto de La Dama le Demanda
2. Diferencias sobre Guarda me las vacas
3. Diferencias sobre el canto del Cauallero
4. Diferencias sobre la Gallarda Milanesa

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Antonio de Cabez√≥n (1510–March 26, 1566) was a Spanish composer and organist of the Renaissance. He was blind from early childhood.

He is best known for his Tientos—short, intense, liturgical and polyphonic works for organ.

Many of his compositions have survived and are still readily accessible today, in sheet music and recorded form. He produced some of the earliest extant music for solo organ.

The song on which Diferencias sobre el canto de La Dama le Demanda is based on:

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