Thursday, 15 November 2007


So... my life wasn't busy enough so I got this little thing, and like in films, books and albums I am going to be reviewing these guys. I should be doing it semi-regularly a couple of times a week, depending on the size of the work, while Ravel's Bolero takes 15 minutes to listen to, Wagner's Ring Cycle comes in 14 Cd's... so you can understand why it is hard to plan for this, but later today there will be the first review up. We start in the 12th century with the original Carmina Burana and end in 2004 with Julian Anderson's Book Of Hours. This will be fun, it will take be back to my teenage years of obsessive listening to classical music... and I still managed to have friends... impressive.


Felipe Pilgrim said...

I didn't know about that list. I used to like classical music when I was a kid, but then I stopped to hear it. So I just know a little bit more than the obvious names. There are more 1001 lists? 1001 soccer plays, art works, porn movies? Funny.

Francisco Silva said...

There's many more, look for it on Amazon, there's 1001 places to visit, buildings and paintings I think.