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188. Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Concerto no. 3 (1803)


Title: Beethoven Piano Concertos Nos. 3 & 4
Performers: Mitsuko Uchida, Royal Concertgebouw
Director: Kurt Sanderling
Year: 1994
Length: 37 minutes


Beethoven produced a small amount of Piano Concertos, only 5 (or six if we consider the 0 concerto which has no orchestral part extant). But of those five three are amazing pieces of music, and they only get progressively better.

Concerto no. 3 is the first truly significant one, and therefore is the first one to make its appearance on this list. And it is something amazing, Beethoven is in full romantic swing here, from the martial tone of the first movement to the emotive nature of the second and the playfulness of the third movement, the exploitation of emotion is very successful indeed. Not Beethoven's best piano Concerto but a great one nonetheless.

Honestly there is nothing wrong with you just getting a good collection of all the concertos, and you could go worse than getting this. The Concertgebouw is always recommendable and Mitsuko Uchida is one of the most emotive pianists out there. If you want to get a full set, I would also recommend the Alfred Brendel, Simon Rattle, Wiener Philharmonic collection.

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From Wikipedia:

[It was] first performed on April 5, 1803 with the composer as soloist. The Second Symphony and the oratorio Christ on the Mount of Olives also received their first performances during the concert. The composition was dedicated to Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia.

Brendel and Abbado, third movement:

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