Wednesday, 26 November 2008

202. Fernando Sor - Guitar Works (1810-30s)


Title: Guitar Music
Performer: Adam Holzman
Year: 1995
Length: 1 hour 41 minutes


The classical guitar is the Spanish musical instrument par excellence, in fact it takes about 3 seconds to figure out the nationality of this composer, as soon as you put the CD on. The best thing about this collection is how original the sound of the guitar is, when you are used to Beethoven or what came before.

Unfortunately there are bad points to this as well. Sor sounds like a very conservative composer, most of the music seems to belong to an earlier age, more influenced by Mozart and Haydn than what else was happening in the world. So, it is not very exciting compositionally.

On the other hand, the music is very catchy... which is not necessarily a great thing, there is always the problem with classical guitar music that it might sound a bit kitsch, and unfortunately that happens often here... so not my favourite thing, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In Spain he is sometimes known as the "Beethoven of the Guitar".

Have they ever heard Beethoven in Spain?

Well that's interesting:

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