Saturday, 16 February 2008

57. Juan De Araujo - Dixit Dominus (c.1689)


Title: Moon, sun & all things
Performers: Ex Cathedra
Director: Jeffrey Skidmore
Year: 2004
Length: 8 minutes 30 seconds


This piece is particularly interesting because it comes from the context of the Spanish colonies in Latin America and in that sense it is of quite great historical importance, particularly as it is music without much visibility in the wider world.

Unfortunately, however this particular track from what is a fascinating CD is not that interesting. It is pretty much a throwback to polychoral music, nothing is particularly new or innovative, even if a lot of the sounds on the album clearly are inspired by native music that is not the case with this particular work, which sounds very much European.

So interesting because it was composed in Bolivia, but not much else. Does not fascinate me.

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From Goldbergweb:

South America’s greatest composer of the Early- to Mid-Baroque, Juan de Araujo was the last significant voice of the older Iberian tradition, before the invasion by Elizabetta Farnese’s Italians in Madrid (and in short order the Américas) around 1715.

Here you go:

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