Wednesday, 20 February 2008

60. Henry Purcell - Come Ye Sons Of Art, Away (1694)


Title: Purcell Complete Odes And Welcome Songs - volume 8
Performers: Choir Of New College Oxford, The King's Consort
Director: Robert King
Year: 1992
Length: 25 minutes 40 seconds


Purcell has saved the best for last and this is definitely my favourite Purcell from the list, although my favourite Purcell composition is not here, the Music for Queen Mary's Funeral we do get some music for Queen Mary's Birthday.

This is a great ode and as would be appropriate to a Birthday it is a cheery one. Purcell gives us a delightful collection of music here, with a lot of variety while keeping a theme of music celebrating its patron.

Purcell definitely has a light touch here even including in jokes on the third movement when he refers to the Shores meaning the two trumpeters in his orchestra. And this is all tempered with some great pomp particularly in the last choir which gives an approapriately bombastic ending to a great Ode.

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From Wikipedia:

He died at his house in Dean's Yard, Westminster, in 1695, at the height of his career; he was in his mid-thirties. The cause of Purcell's death is unclear: one theory is that he caught a chill after returning late from the theatre one night to find that his wife had locked him out; another is that he succumbed to chocolate poisoning; perhaps the most likely is that he died of tuberculosis. The beginning of Purcell's will reads:

In the name of God Amen. I, Henry Purcell, of the City of Westminster, gentleman, being dangerously ill as to the constitution of my body, but in good and perfect mind and memory (thanks be to God) do by these presents publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament. And I do hereby give and bequeath unto my loving wife, Frances Purcell, all my estate both real and personal of what nature and kind soever...

Purcell is buried adjacent to the organ in Westminster Abbey. His epitaph reads, "Here lyes Henry Purcell Esq., who left this life and is gone to that blessed place where only his harmony can be exceeded."

So that's the end of Purcell.

No music form Come Ye Sons Of Art, so you get Msuic for the funeral of Queen Mary:


Anonymous said...

Am enjoying following your progress. Just wanted to point out that you repeated the number 54 in your count... you'll never reach 1001 if you don't fix it!

Francisco Silva said...

Fixed it, thanks!

Please point it out if it happens again seeing as you are probably the only person who reads it Mr. Anonymous :)

Benjapin said...

The reason the Music for Queen Mary's Funeral isn't on the list is that most of it's written by Thomas Morley, Purcell only writing the opening/closing march and Thou Knowest Lord.
If you want a different side to Purcell check out the Purcell in the Ale House album. Rather nice and clever drinking songs about farting and other bodily functions. A highlight being the line 'so kiss my arse disdainful sow'
I am constantly consistently impressed/amazed by your diligence to these lists. Long live the geeks.