Wednesday, 27 February 2008

66. Georg Philipp Telemann - Trumpet Concerto in D Major (c. 1708 - 14)


Title: The Art Of The Baroque Trumpet Vol.1
Performer: Niklas Eklund
Director: Nils-Erik Sparf
Year: 1995
Length: 7 minutes


This is a lovely little concerto here. I really like the trumpet when used in the context of a concerto, it just rises above the orchestra in a beautiful way. Telemann is probably not one of the most famous of Baroque composers, it is hard off the top of my head to remember a lot of works by him, except for the fact that he was incredibly prolific.

That said the fact that he was so prolific leads to a monkeys and typewriters scenario, there are bound to be some really good things in the middle of his 3000 compositions, and this is certainly one of them.

The format of the concerto is the typical slow-fast-slow-fast and the alternation really works in a way that shows off the capacities of the trumpet. This is a lovely little work.

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From Wikipedia:

Guinness Book of World Records lists Telemann as the most prolific composer of all time with more than 800 credited works. More recent studies, for example the thematic catalogues of his works published in the 1980s and 1990s, have shown that Telemann actually wrote over 3,000 compositions, many of which are now lost. Some of his pieces, thought lost, were recently uncovered by the musicologist Jason Grant. Many of the manuscripts were destroyed during World War II. (Another composer, Simon Sechter, could be considered more prolific, since he is thought to have written over 8000 pieces, but 5000 of these were short fugues.)

The whole thing:

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